Getting the ball rolling

I spent some time today dropping off flyers at the yarn shops that are supporting us. Many thanks to Kristin at The Knit Cafe, Haley at Knit-O-Matic, and the very supportive woman at the Naked Sheep whose name I forgot to ask. Drop off your donations at these stores – they’re waiting for you.

The very lovely Haley has also offered a double bonus for those who want to take part. No yarn? She has masses of donated stashes that you can use to create that one of a kind hat. Can’t knit? Go to Knit-O-Matic on their regular stitch’n bitch night (that’s every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m) and, as long as you’re willing to knit something for the project, she’ll teach you how. What a great deal; free yarn, free lessons and all you have to do is supply a pair of needles and the time to create a scarf to keep someone warm this winter!