Some thoughts on socks

Now there’s a title I never thought I’d write.  I had an interesting email a few days ago from Nina who volunteers with Ve’ahavta which runs (among other things) an outreach program for the homeless.  They’re interested in what we can provide – and they always need socks.  Socks: easy to knit in the summer because they’re small and don’t sit in your lap causing you to wish that you had turned the air conditioning on.  Her only comment was that knitters should be aware that many of them would be thrown out after about a month because the homeless, usually, don’t have access to dry cleaning. 

And that’s something to keep in mind in general.  If you have no place to live, its unlikely that you’ll have a place to keep your washing machine.  So lets keep it practical folks – remember who you’re knitting for and why.  The idea is to keep people warm, not wondering how they are going to care for their garments.

One final note, I picked up our first donations the other day – an entire bag of scarves, hats and mitts entirely due to the generosity of the people at Knit-O-Matic.  Photos to follow …