More donations

I stopped by the Naked Sheep yesterday to pick up the donations they have been hanging on to and came out with 3 boxes worth!  Big thanks to the staff there and to all of those who participated in their recent charity knit.  Also a big thanks to the school teacher who has her class […]

Baby, its cold outside

According to today’s Star, the City of Toronto has issued an extreme cold weather alert with sub-zero temperatures expected over the next several days.  With that in mind, I offer this heartwarming story from Streetknit’s media guru.  This is what inspired Ryan to volunteer his time to the project. One night, in 2005, Gladys Berg […]

Our first Press Release :)

Streetknit’s new Media/Outreach guru is wasting no time. Here’s our first press release … For Immediate Release: StreetKnit Wants Your Knitted Goods To Help Homeless With the first fallen snow officially powdering u(T.O.)pia, we should be doubly reminded of the state of homelessness in our communities. Every year people in Toronto freeze to death because […]

Funny the difference a few days can make …

Last week I posted that I would be putting the Streetknit project on hiatus – the combination of the warm weather and my impending motherhood had left me feeling that perhaps the project needed some rethinking.  Enter Streetknit’s first outside volunteer.  Although I’ve had support and assistance from my stitch’n bitch and several other friends, […]

A hiatus for Streetknit

I have been meaning to post for several weeks now – guess blogging really isn’t my thing.  I’ve picked up several more donations in the past couple of months – including some scarves, a hat and a pair of mittens from our poster girl Vera.  And I’ve finally located a group to donate to.  Some […]