Funny the difference a few days can make …

Last week I posted that I would be putting the Streetknit project on hiatus – the combination of the warm weather and my impending motherhood had left me feeling that perhaps the project needed some rethinking.  Enter Streetknit’s first outside volunteer.  Although I’ve had support and assistance from my stitch’n bitch and several other friends, not to mention the knitting community as a whole, hearing from Ryan Kamstra and his offer to run the publicity side and help with pickups etc has been a huge boost.  So, the project will continue.  And now that winter seems to have finally caught up with us in Toronto, the need for knitted items will be on the rise.  Please continue to create what you can and drop it off at Knit-O-Matic, The Naked Sheep or The Knit Cafe.  And stay tuned for more details and perhaps some events as Ryan hits his stride.

I have several photos to post as well which I hope to get up in the next few days.  As always, thanks for the support you have all shown the project over the past several months – to paraphrase another charity, without you, there would be no wool.


  1. terry wrote:

    I am delighted to hear that Ryan has taken up the cause. He visited with his mother (Laurie) and myself over the Christmas holidays and had time together my 86 year old mother (Gladys). She has been knitting for the homeless in Winnipeg for the past number of years and has produced an amazing number of toques and scarves (and also the cutest little baby toques for newborns as they leave the hospital)…she and all those involved in this project are proof of how individuals can make a difference and demonstrate in real ways to those who are easily forgotten that someone cares. Blessings!