Streetknit on TV!

As posted earlier, the amazing Ryan, Streetknit’s publicity guru, was interviewed by OMNI1 a couple of weeks ago and the spot was on TV last week.  We’re hoping to transfer the video onto YouTube and provide a link (if any one has any idea how to do that, please email me!).  The end result of the TV spot and Ryan’s efforts have been lots more interest in the project – I even received an email from a woman in the States who has since mailed her contributions to the Naked Sheep.  Streetknit has gone international!  Next week, I’m due to be interviewed on CityTV – obviously don’t know when that will be on yet, but we’ll try to get the clip on here too.
Another email of interest I received was from one of the volunteers at St Aidan’s which is the latest member of the OOTC group.  Although they have all the donations they can handle right now, she did mention that one of the things that were really needed were warm winter socks.  Now I’m not so good at sock knitting myself (my one and only attempt was a pair of baby socks for my nephew which he promptly – probably intentionally – lost ;)) but anyone out there who is, please consider knitting up a pair or two for the cause.  To steal a phrase from Martha, warm feet are a good thing.


  1. Nancy Jacques wrote:

    Where can I find a list of drop off places?
    I hear your request for socks.

  2. Sadie wrote:

    Hi Nancy
    The drop off list is on the right hand side of the webpage (unless something drastic has happened to the web server). Thanks for your support of Streetknit!

  3. Angie wrote:

    I am just wondering if there are any drop off places in Mississauga. I have many hats that I have knitted just to keep busy and would love them to be used by someone who really needs them.

  4. Sadie wrote:

    Hi Angie
    The drop off locations are listed on the right hand side of the web page. We don’t have any in Mississauga right now, but there is one in Etobicoke (Eugenix).
    Thanks for your support of Streetknit.