Unionville knitters

Sally K in Unionville started up a group called Casting Off the Cold in Unionville last fall with the same goals as Streetknit. So if you’re a north of the Toronto knitter, you might want to consider passing your donations on to her. She can be contacted at castingoffthecoldATgmailDOTcom. Watch this space for details as […]

The knitting season is (almost) upon us

Ryan, Streetknit’s publicity guru, has started his magic and sent out a press release for the new season. I’m already starting to hear from people and I think this year is going to be even bigger than last! The more people we can keep warm the better. Thanks to everyone for their emails and support. […]

Winter’s coming …

I hate to say it when it’s still officially summer, but the damp weather today is a reminder of what’s to come.  With that in mind, Streetknit will be continuing this winter so put your needles together and start making those scarves, hats, mitts, sweaters and socks for the homeless.  Last year’s response was just […]