Winter’s coming …

I hate to say it when it’s still officially summer, but the damp weather today is a reminder of what’s to come.  With that in mind, Streetknit will be continuing this winter so put your needles together and start making those scarves, hats, mitts, sweaters and socks for the homeless.  Last year’s response was just terrific – you guys are stars!

Drop off your donations at the sites listed on the right hand side.  And if you live in the Oshawa area, watch for a Streeknit group starting up there this year.

If you want to spread the word or if you have a Streetknit event coming up, let me know (email in the side bar) and I’ll post the details here.  Thanks for supporting Streetknit!


  1. Rhonda Thistle wrote:

    do you have a contact person for the streetknit group in Oshawa

  2. Sheila wrote:

    the list of drop off sites and the e-mail address is not showing in the right side of the screen

  3. Sadie wrote:

    The contact info for Streetknit Oshawa is now available at

    And I think the bug regarding the right hand side of the screen has been fixed. Thx 🙂

  4. Debbie wrote:

    I do charity knitting and have been looking for a site like yours. Can you please tell me what you need. Hat and scarves, mittens, baby clothes? or all of the above. I live 3 hours from Toronto, but if I knit my son can bring them up every few months. I seen to have trouble finding a source that can use things around here.