The knitting season is (almost) upon us

Ryan, Streetknit’s publicity guru, has started his magic and sent out a press release for the new season. I’m already starting to hear from people and I think this year is going to be even bigger than last! The more people we can keep warm the better. Thanks to everyone for their emails and support.

And for those of you who live in the west end, Steve and Jenn who run eugenix (an alpaca breeding company – how cool is that!) have volunteered their place as a drop off zone. Just drop them an email or give them a call before you stop by as they run the business out of their home. You can contact them at:

99 Burlington St.
Etobicoke, On. M8V 3W1

And check out their website at – they have the cutest little alpacas (ok, sorry, the most illustrious alpacas – I had no idea breeding them was such a serious business; I just love the yarn 🙂 Thanks guys for your support of Streetknit.

And hey, if you send me photos of you and/or your friends knitting for Streetknit, I’ll post them to the blog!


  1. robyn wrote:

    hey there. can you get me on your list for press releases (even though i’m in the us and not canada)? i’m all about doing whatever i can for you guys, and the more info i can have, the better!