Streetknit in the news

Streetknit is showing up all over these days.

York U’s Excaliber talked to Ryan about poverty and homelessness and mentioned Streetknit – see the whole article here.

An American website, Warm With Love, has also posted about Streetknit – we love being called rock stars 🙂 Check out the other links there if knitting for Streetknit isn’t satisfying your urge to use your powers for good.
Thanks to both for their support of Streetknit.

In other news, Streetknit is now taking yarn donations. I know in the past I’ve passed them on to other folks, but we are now able to make use of them. So if your great-aunt has handed you her stash, let us know and we’ll make sure it’s turned into something warm and cozy for the winter.

Hope everyone had a happy Turkey (or Tofurkey if you prefer) Day!


  1. connie rowe wrote:

    Hi! I think what you’re doing is fabulous! I’d like to knit something, but don’t know how. Can I contribute scarves in very good condition (not knitted)?

    To whom do you give these scarves that you have knitted/or knit? and where?


  2. Sadie wrote:

    Streetknit is specifically for hand knitted items. However, if you want to donate non-knitted clothing (in good condition), any of the agencies for the homeless will be happy to take them. I currently donate to the Scott Mission, St. Francis’ table and Windfall clothing. The first two will take other, gently used clothing as well. Thanks for your interest in and support of Streetknit.