Volunteers needed.

City of Craft is a “crafty culture event and sale” and Streetknit is planning on participating. The event takes place on December 1, 2007 from 11:00am – 8:00pm at The Theatre Centre, 1086 Queen Street West, Downstairs,Toronto, ON. We’re looking for a few volunteers to man the booth for an hour or two during the day. If you love to knit and/or are involved in working with the homeless and can spare us an hour or so, we’d really appreciate your time. As a bonus, you get to check out the rest of the show! Drop us an email at streetknitATgmailDOTcom if you can help us out. Thanks!
And, as I should have mentioned in the original post, Ryan is also looking for knitting volunteers to help with an installation at the City of Craft show.  We’re going to try to actually knit shelter.  If you’re interested in helping to knit a house, drop Ryan an email at ryanDOTkamstraATgmailDOTcom.