New drop off

Ever since Nathalie-Roze opened her store just around the corner from my home, I’ve been meaning to go in and ask if she’d be a drop off for Streetknit. Then I heard that she has mentioned us in her Toronto Star column several times (ok, I don’t get the chance to read the newspaper too often these days). It was kismet. And now my fellow Leslievillians, you can drop off your knitted donations for Toronto’s homeless at Nathalie-Roze’s boutique. You can also drop off there for the Warm Hands network if your knitting needles are still itchy.

In other news, I headed up to Stouffville this morning to meet with Sally K and her knitting crew from Casting off the Cold. If you live north of the city, you may have seen the story on Rogers this evening. If not, it will be online tomorrow on Rogers Television (York Region). Thanks to Sally and her group for the donations. I’ll be passing them on to Windfall clothing in the next week or so.

And the Streetknit Oshawa site is up and running now.  If you live in the Oshawa area and want to knit for the homeless, this could be your chance.  Check it out!


  1. Anita Barewal wrote:

    Sadie, how cool are you to give us a shout-out? Thank you so much! We just sent a shipment to the Innu of Labrador on Saturday, but we’re still gathering items for cold Mongolian families until the end of December. I first heard about you through Haley at Knitomatic. Love your site, love your project.

    Take care,