The House that Streetknit Built

Well, by now you’ve probably heard about the house that we put together at City of Craft. I say “we” but really the whole thing was Ryan’s brainchild and he did the majority of the work on it. Including spending 9 hours last Saturday at City of Craft putting it all together! For those of you who didn’t make it down, here are some photos. Look carefully, you may see something you made!

It started with some yarn: Teresa's Desk

Then, there was a wall (with it’s maker): The wall that Kate made

And a window was soon added (also made by Kate, the wall maker): The window

Then we got to City of Craft and the fun began!

Ryan, starting to work on the house: First bits

Coming together: Coming together

Hey, it looks like a house!: Hey, this may work!

The finished house! All done!

And from the other side. Other side

Doesn’t it look cozy? If only it were this easy to make homes for people! After the show, the house was taken apart 🙁 and all items were bagged up. I’ll be dropping them off at Windfall clothing sometime this week.

Thanks to everyone who helped with house – it looked great and we got some great publicity for Streetknit (the Star even sent someone to check it out – read the article).

And thanks to this woman, whose name I never did find out. She arrived at the fair, thought we were doing a cool thing, pulled out her crochet needle and got to work!

The crochet girl

You guys are the greatest!


  1. Sally Karamath wrote:

    Great job Sadie!! If more people feels the same as you, the world will be a better one. The group will be knitting all winter to help out. I read the article and thought it was amazing. So keep up the good work!


  2. Tina Vino wrote:

    Wow, what a fantastic idea – to knit a shelter! I really wish the photos were still here; I’d love to see how it worked out. I’m a web dev, so if you’ve simply moved hosts and still have the pics, let me know – maybe I can volunteer a touch of developer magic without too much effort?

  3. Sadie wrote:

    Thanks for the heads up Tina – I’ve fixed the links!