Looking for Yarn

I’ve had email from a couple of community groups that are looking for yarn donations.  If you’ve got yarn you’d like to pass on to a good cause, send me an email at streetknitATgmailDOTcom and I’ll pass you their contact info.

And a quick reminder that fall and winter will soon be upon us  along with a need for warm clothes  (I know, I hate to even think about it in the midst of August).  Streetknit will be accepting your donations of hats, scarves, sweaters, socks, blankets and whatever else strikes you to pass on to those in need in our community.

Speaking of socks, stay tuned for an announcement regarding socks and celebrities …

Hope you’re all having a great summer and as usual, thanks for your support of Streetknit!


  1. Kelli Hubble wrote:

    A company I work with has a large quantity of mixed polyester yarn they are looking to get rid of. Instead of sending it to landfill, they are trying to find someone that can use it. It is fairly fine, so not sure if it is something you can do anything with. It is currently used to knit furniture covers.

    Is this something you could use? I can mail you a sample if you would like to take a look at it.