Extra Yarn?

I received an email/comment on the blog from Issac at the Seeds of Hope Food Pantry in Bangor, Maine.  They are looking for yarn.  If you live in the Bangor area (or anywhere else for that matter and just want to help) and have some extra yarn lying around, drop Issac an email and see […]

Stitch n’Bitch moving

The Streetknit Stitch n’Bitch, formerly held every Sunday at the Pump on Bloor St, is moving to a new home. Starting this Sunday, February 1, folks will be gathering at the Green Room at 296 Brunswick Avenue between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please drop an email to ryanDOTkamstraATgmailDOTcom. Hope to […]

Extreme Cold Weather Alert

As you probably know (if you stuck your nose outside at all today) it’s really really cold outside right now.  And today I dropped off 8 bags of handknitted items at a very grateful Scott Mission.  Tonight a whole lot of people will be a whole lot warmer because of all  your hard work.  On […]