Extreme Cold Weather Alert

As you probably know (if you stuck your nose outside at all today) it’s really really cold outside right now.  And today I dropped off 8 bags of handknitted items at a very grateful Scott Mission.  Tonight a whole lot of people will be a whole lot warmer because of all  your hard work.  On behalf of them all, thank you.

In other news, last Sunday I attended the Streetknit stitch’n’bitch and met all the great people who spend a few hours on Sunday afternoon knitting for Streetknit.  If you’ve got a few hours to spend, we’ll supply the yarn and the needles.  All you need to do is show up at The Pump at 410 Bloor St W around 1 p.m. and look for the knitters.

And a little press  too—the Monday edition of 24 Hours (Toronto) had a nice little article about the stitch n’bitch and Streetknit.  You can see it here (a login is needed).

As always, thanks for your support of Streetknit!