Extra Yarn?

I received an email/comment on the blog from Issac at the Seeds of Hope Food Pantry in Bangor, Maine.  They are looking for yarn.  If you live in the Bangor area (or anywhere else for that matter and just want to help) and have some extra yarn lying around, drop Issac an email and see if you can get it to these folks.

We are also accepting yarn donations again (I’ve cleared out my basement 🙂 so send me an email if you’ve got a stash to pass on.


  1. Liz Casey wrote:

    Do you still want yarn donations? I’m clearing out my stash. All weights in acrylic, wool blends, pure wool and some cotton – about 2 garbage bags full.

  2. Tricia Glover wrote:

    I am looking for donations of yarn, buttons, and any found objects that can be used in elementary art projects. I teach art at 2 elementary schools in Cabot, Arkansas. Please email me!

  3. May wrote:

    Are you still looking to collect yarn for streetknit? I’ve got quite a bit of left over yarns (some parts of skeins, some full balls) which I’m looking for a local to donate to. Please let me know what you will take and if I can meet you in Toronto to pass them off. Cheers