Streetknit on Canada AM

And in other news, I will be on Canada AM this coming Monday morning (Jan 31), talking about Streetknit and the great things that all of you knitters out there do every day for those in need.  Without you guys, a lot of people would have colder heads, hands and toes.  If I haven’t said it recently, thanks for your support of Streetknit!

A quick (though late) update on this.  My appearance on Canada AM was delayed to tomorrow (Thursday Feb 3).


  1. Helene Cote wrote:

    We live up North. Every year for the past 30 years, my mom and her friends have been knitting scarves – long, soft, warm ones – for the homeless in Toronto. Any time somebody makes a trip to the city (12 hours from here), there is always at least one green-garbage-bag full of home-knit scarves. My sister & her her friends in the city take care of giving the scarves. SO glad to see the word being spread on Canada AM. Congrats to you all at the StreetKnit project – warmest hugs!

  2. Lidet wrote:

    Hi there,

    Can you please attach a link to where I can see the video?


  3. Sadie wrote:

    Unfortunately, I haven’t received the video as yet so I can’t post it.