Streetknit’s First Yarn Swap!

From time to time I get donations of yarn – old stashes, odds and ends and whathaveyou. Some of this yarn is highly practical and useful for Streetknitters and is passed on at knitups or to various groups. But some of the other yarn is of a fancier variety. Since it’s currently occupying space in my basement, I’m pleased to announce that this coming June 12 (Worldwide Knit in Public Day), Wise Daughters will be hosting the first every Streetknit Yarn Swap. Bring us your practical, your conservative, your everyday yarn and trade it in for some fluffy, fantastic, fabulous stuff! We’ll trade balls of yarn one for one, but if you bring in a hand knitted donation for Streetknit, then we’ll trade it for two balls of your choice. Come early for the best selection – supplies are limited!  You can also participate in the scheduled yarn bombing and we’ll be having a scarf knitting marathon too!  Hope you can join us!

Worldwide Knit in Public/International Yarn Bombing Day Party
Sun, June 12, 1:00 – 5:00

Wise Daughters Craft Market

3079B Dundas Street West, Toronto

in the heart of the Junction!