Parting is such sweet sorrow

It is with a sad heart that Streetknit says goodbye to Nathalie-Roze’s (bricks and mortar!) store.  Nathalie-Roze has been a big supporter of Streetknit for a long time and we wish her all the best in her new online store (check out for the details).

In the meantime, Streetknit is on the look out for a new drop off location in the east end.  Stay tuned!

Happy knitting!


  1. Brenda wrote:

    Hi I am trying to find a place to actually donate knitting and get more info and I can not find it here. I live in the east end of Toronto
    Not sure I should write this but will

  2. Sadie wrote:

    Hi Brenda
    All of our drop off sites are listed on the left hand side of the main page for Streetknit. Hopefully you’ll find one near to you!

    Currently we don’t have an East End drop off site as Nathalie Roze has now closed. I’m trying to find a replacement.

    Thanks for your support of Streetknit.