Welcome to Wool Gathering!

We’re pleased as punch to announce a new Streetknit drop off location in the West End.  Wool Gathering is a yarn and rug hooking store in the Kipling and Bloor area.  They’ve only been open a few months so if you get a chance, stop by and visit.  And drop off your Streetknit donations while you’re at it!


  1. Liz wrote:

    I am an avid knitter and have been accumulating some knitted items that I wish to donate to charity. (mostly hats and scarves)
    I live in Burlington, On.
    Please confirm that “Wool Gathering” is still accepting donated items and I will try to arrange a delivery.

  2. Sadie wrote:

    Hi Liz

    Wool gathering is accepting donations.

    Thanks for your support of Streetknit!