New year, new knits

And a new way to find out about Streetknit events and activities – a Facebook group.   Join up and keep informed – and feel free to post pictures of your knitting groups and/or donations. Just search for Streetknit or click on the link above (you must be a Facebook member to see the link). […]

Happy Holidays

Streetknit’s second year is going very well and it’s all thanks to everyone out there knitting and donating to help those in need.  On behalf of all of them, I’d like to thank all of you and wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Almost Famous

So Streetknit is going to be showing up in the media again – which is very exciting because the more people who know about us, the more people will knit and the more people we can keep warm. So this coming Thursday, December 27, tune into community radio station CHRY 105.5fm between 5:15 and 6 […]

A website for Sally

Good morning knitters. Sally at Casting off the Cold up in Unionville has set up a blog of her own. You can check out the latest news for Casting off the Cold at And for those of you who can’t get enough of that knit house or want more details, you can see Ryan’s […]

The House that Streetknit Built

Well, by now you’ve probably heard about the house that we put together at City of Craft. I say “we” but really the whole thing was Ryan’s brainchild and he did the majority of the work on it. Including spending 9 hours last Saturday at City of Craft putting it all together! For those of […]

Why do we do it?

Knitters I mean. Why is it that we seem to be such a generous bunch, giving time, skill and yarn to help out other folks? Emma Reilly at the Star has written an article about just that and yours truly is quoted in it. Think I got it right? Think I got it wrong? Let […]

Casting Off the Cold drop offs

I’ve already written about Sally K and her group of knitters up in Unionville (here and here) and the great job they are doing for not only Streetknit but also the Rose of Sharon and Yellow Brick House (both organizations that help women in need). If you live north of the city and want to […]

New drop off

Ever since Nathalie-Roze opened her store just around the corner from my home, I’ve been meaning to go in and ask if she’d be a drop off for Streetknit. Then I heard that she has mentioned us in her Toronto Star column several times (ok, I don’t get the chance to read the newspaper too […]

Send us your stash

Up until now, I’ve been refusing donations of yarn as I just don’t have anywhere to keep them.  But I’ve found a solution (and knitters), so if your great-aunt Mabel just handed you her yarn stash, drop us an email and pass it on to Streetknit.  We’ve got knitters who can turn it into hats […]

Volunteers needed.

City of Craft is a “crafty culture event and sale” and Streetknit is planning on participating. The event takes place on December 1, 2007 from 11:00am – 8:00pm at The Theatre Centre, 1086 Queen Street West, Downstairs,Toronto, ON. We’re looking for a few volunteers to man the booth for an hour or two during the […]